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Electone Software - Registrations, Rhythms & Voices

Registration Menu Disk Sets

These are packages of complete registrations in various styles which give you unprecedented realism from your EL. Most of the sets include two disks. The first, which is called the 'Set-Up' disk transfers exclusive voices and rhythms from the Bee Software library into the organ. The second disk, called the 'Menu' disk, puts all the registrations at your fingertips, using the central display to show all the different choices


Instant Rhythms

‘Instant Rhythms’ software was exclusively developed by Bee Software in order to make it easier to add new rhythms to your playing. The biggest problem with normal registration disks containing User Rhythms is that when you want to load a new set of rhythms, the registrations and everything else in the instrument changes as well. This makes it very difficult to mix and match rhythms with your favourite registrations.

Instant Rhythms solves this problem by using sophisticated programming to create tracks on the disk drive that change only the user rhythm patterns. This leaves all the other settings in the Electone intact and makes it possible to use great new rhythms with any of your existing registrations just by selecting the appropriate track on the disk drive.  


User Voice Disks

Brand new voices to use in creating your own registrations. These were created using our own EL Edit PC software which allows access to sound features not available on the panel of the instrument. 


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