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EL Edit

MIDI Voice Editor/Librarian for 
Yamaha EL Electones

for Windows PCs (XP and above) and Tablets (Windows 8.1 and later)

NEW Version 2 Out Now!

Download Version £99.99

Boxed Version


Split Keyboard Voice Editing with keyboard-style control over split point


Allows full access to ELX1-m and EL900m extra samples


Over 200 Voices included FREE


Over ten years on, EL Edit is still a truly unique piece of software. No other program available gives you these new and exciting possibilities. Even though it allows wide-reaching control of the internal operation of the EL voices it is designed to become part of an already great musical instrument.

If you need a MIDI cable to connect your PC to your EL Electone then look no further. 
Great value! Only £49.99.

USB to MIDI In/Out 


Testimonial from Alex Payler - Electone Artist UK


“Ever since its inception, I have found EL-Edit to be completely invaluable.  The ability to access the ‘inner sanctum’ of the EL Electone to either edit, layer or create entirely new voices is nothing short of incredible.  And it’s just got better! Now with total compatibility for the ELX-1m and EL-900m Millennium instruments, Version 2 offers many new features and functions including access to brand new previously ‘hidden’ samples never found before, as well as the ability to create keyboard ‘Split’ points to any voice - or even separate parts of a voice - completely independently which can then be saved directly for use in the Electone.  Make no mistake - EL-Edit is a cutting edge, total sound editing suite for your EL Electone – intuitive, easy and fun to use. You can’t help feeling when using this program that anything is possible with a YAMAHA EL Electone...”

Fantastic enhancements in the sound of your EL are only a click away: build voices that contain multiple sounds; add a repeat effect and control the speed; change the samples assigned to a voice; add amazing special effects (to mention a few). All this with one click of the mouse.


More in-depth features allow you to control every nuance of the voice to create unique sounds of your own that will enhance your performance and help your music stand out.


EL Edit is simply designed to extend the scope of your instrument and open up a whole new world of sounds while at the same time being easy to use. The intuitive graphical interface with knobs, sliders and switches gives you a hands-on experience of creating new and exciting sounds for your music. In addition you will be able to assemble libraries of all your favourite voices including those from User Voice Disks allowing you instant access. Not only does this speed up the whole process of arranging music is great fun to use.


Works with Windows 95/98/Me and XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10


  • Mix up to four sounds in one voice for richer sounds and richer registrations.

  • Mix existing voices together to make new voices.

  • Create split keyboard effects using Bee Software's Split Voices (included) with full control over split point.

  • Add special effects to create exciting new sounds.

  • Access 'hidden' sounds and features in the EL.

  • Keep your voice collection at fingertips using the special Library feature - over 200 voices included free.

  • Quickly transfer a bank of 16 voices at once to the EL.

  • Easily control different aspects of the voice using knobs, switches and sliders.

  • Comprehensive user guide with hints and tips on creating great voices.


Key Features


  • MIDI Input for retrieving voices directly from the Electone.

  • MIDI Out for real-time auditioning.

  • EL Model Compatibility: EL-70/87/90, ELX-1, EL-900/700/500, ELX-1m, EL-900m.

  • Convenient graphical interface: real-time voice controls – sliders, knobs, switches and text entry – graphical display of voice settings.

  • ‘Voice Bank’ for editing 16 voices simultaneously. Transfer all 16 voices to the organ at once complete with names (EL900/700/500 and above).

  • Global settings for each voice. Preset effects, footage, key repeat and repeat speed etc.

  • Extensive control of each of up to 4 separate voice parts depending on EL model, allowing multiple sounds within one voice (FM1, FM2, Sample A, Sample B).

  • Graphical display of FM operator envelope. Extended FM facilities – Algorithm Select, Operator Frequency and Pitch, LFO (Vibrato), Touch Response. All independent of other voice parts.

  • Sample A and B have independent controls: Sample Select (internal Wave Table), Volume, Pitch, Panning, Vibrato, Filter and individual Envelope on all models (not just EL900/700/500).

  • Create split keyboard effects using Bee Software's Split Voices (included) with full control over split point.

  • Mute each part for easier editing.Separate ‘Chorus’ section for adding special effects that cover the whole voice.

  • ‘Presets’ used extensively within each voice part to allow the user to mix and match parts of voices. For example, keep a special woodwind setting for FM parts and use it in future voices.

  • A wide selection of presets is included with the program.‘Library’ facility for easy storage and transfer of voices using the computer hard disk. These can be auditioned in real-time and transferred to any of the 16 voices in the Voice Bank.

  • A wide selection of voices is included with the program to suit all supported models.

  • MDR file Import and Export for non MIDI editing.

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