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MDR Works

A Virtual MDR and a whole lot more...


The ultimate companion for Yamaha Electones

for Windows PCs (XP and above) and Tablets (Windows 8.1 and later)

Works with all MIDI-enabled Electones*
(*Excludes Stagea and AR models)

Download Version£69.99

MDR Works - what everyone needs to enjoy playing the Electone even more.


The ultimate companion to your Electone, MDR Works started life as a replacement for the internal disk drive but ended up as a complete suite of fabulous new features to help you get the most out of your time in front your Electone.



Boxed Version


Fully functional virtual MDR.
Record and play back your registrations and performances direct from your PC. You can access up to 99 'floppy disk' folders, giving you virtually unlimited storage (depending on PC specifications). 



Not Just for ELs.
The program works with all Electones compatible with Yamaha's MDR2, 3, 4 or 5. i.e. the H series onwards.


Upgrades MDR features to the latest models. 

EL90 owners now have features only available on later models such as song names and quick registration loading.


Performance visualizer.

Watch performances come to life on the virtual console. While you hear the performance, watch the keys and pedals play on the screen. It’s like watching a live performance. Plus, you can slow the performance down as much as you want: it's a great learning tool.


Score Image display.

Scan your music pages into the PC and display them on screen. Attach them to a track on the MDR for instant access to the right pages for each piece. Page turns can be synchronised to the MDR playback (automatic page turning) or operated manually. You can also used the feature separately as your digital music library.


Play back and Convert MIDI files.

Turn millions of MIDI files into Electone performances. For example, take a MIDI file and extract the drum part for a ready-made rhythm sequence.


Direct editing of your MDR recordings.

For the first time ever you can see each detail of the MDR performance. Delete what you don't want and keep everything else - great for fixing the odd wrong note.


Data Filer.

Now you can send and retrieve individual blocks of data from the instrument. You can mix and match voices, rhythms and sequences to make better use of your existing registrations.


Registration Menu Page.

Open registration menu disks and use them directly from the PC/Tablet display.


Import Floppy Disks.

One-click importing of existing floppy disks makes transferring your collection of disks into MDR Works really quick and easy. There is also a special 'Notes' section for each disk folder. This can be used to make more detailed comments on the contents of each disk.


Protected Disk Repair.

A special 'repair' function allows disks with missing data (i.e. protected disks) to be repaired by the program so that they can be read by the PC and imported into MDR works.


Convert MDR files into MIDI files.

Turn your Electone performance into MIDI files. 

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