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PC Software for EL900, EL900m, ELX-1m, Stagea ELS-01C/X, ELS-02C/X

V00do! - Black Magic for your Electone!

Three programs in one...


Firstly, you have 340 brand new VA (Virtual Acoustic) voices to choose from. By simply dragging and dropping them into the custom voice slots you can easily create banks of 6 to use directly in the instrument. 


Secondly, it enables you to edit the voices to suit a particular piece or playing style with over 100 different control parameters. 


And thirdly, with the ‘Instrument Workshop’ section, you can make your own Virtual Acoustic instrument voices from scratch.


Whatever your level of playing ability, v00do opens up a new dimension of sound for this valuable part of your Electone, helping you get the very best out of your instrument and enhancing your music making.


Download Version £89.99

Testimonial from Alex Payler - Electone Artist UK


“As Yamaha celebrates 40 years of incredible synthesiser innovation, the true greatness of Virtual Acoustic Synthesis has been recognised yet again.  Being the most musically expressive tone generation ever developed, and only included in the very best instruments Yamaha has to offer, it is very fitting that Bee Software has created this complete editing and voice library tool for the incredible YAMAHA ELX-1m, EL-900m and Stagea Electones.  


Unlike conventional samples or FM synthesis, Virtual Acoustic Synthesis utilises a far more natural feel and this software only takes that approach to the next level.  A modern, clear graphical interface allows intuitive control of all editing parameters as well as access to literally hundreds of amazing new voices all updated to work with the Electone’s incredible HORIZON keyboard – no need for a breath controller!   But this is no mere editor.  Using the amazing ‘Instrument Workshop’ feature you can literally build and craft your own voices completely from scratch.    As a professional Electone performer, this has got to be one of the most exciting pieces of software I have seen developed for the Electone. Now, anything is possible with an EL or Stagea Electone...”

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