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Where's my order?

Boxed versions are posted within one working day. Shipping overseas can take up to 7 working days. Download versions are processed and you will receive a download link within 24 hours. Please get in touch if you haven't received your order within these time periods.

How will I receive my download version.

Electone software for use directly in the instrument is supplied as a PC file. This file, when launched, writes the information for your purchased software onto a floppy disk. To use the file you will need a floppy disk drive attached to the computer you are using. 


PC software is supplied as a link to the program installation files. When installed the program will be in a trial mode. To unlock the program for continuous use you will need to obtain an unlock code. To do this, send the registration code that appears when you launch the program and a code will be returned to you within 24 hours.



How will I receive my boxed version.

All boxed versions include postage and packing and are supplied in a DVD case with colour printed cover as shown and all relevant documentation. The media supplied is ready to use as intended. In the case of Electone software this is supplied on floppy disk for PC software it is supplied on CD-Rom.

Future software updates.

You are entitled to receive all future minor revisions for software you have purchased from us. You may need to provide proof of original purchase to obtain the update. Software updates are supplied as download versions only. You will be automatically notified of any software updates. If you feel you have missed out on a notification please contact us. 


For major software updates Bee Software reserves the right to charge a moderate upgrade fee no greater than 35% of the original purchase price. This will only be the case if significant enhancements are made to the software.

If you‘re still in need of answers or want to report a problem, please contact us.
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