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If you need a MIDI cable to connect your PC to your EL Electone then look no further. 
Great value! Only £49.99

USB to MIDI In/Out.


EL Menu Version 2.2

Registration Menu Creator and Librarian for EL Electone

for Windows PCs (XP and above) and Tablets (Windows 8.1 and later)

EL Menu gives you the ability to create your own Menu files using a standard Windows PC. You can copy your own registrations to the Menu in an easy-to-use visual environment and see exactly what it will look like on the display of the EL. The Menu system allows you to label you registrations for your own purposes or to share them with others.


  • A new way to organise your registrations.

  • Protect your disk drive - reduce disk swapping.

  • All your registration software in one place and ready to use at the click of a button.

  • Convert software for larger or later models to work on your instrument. For example, use an EL900 menu on an EL70. Registrations may not be complete but will find the best match on your instrument.


NEW to Version 2.... direct MIDI connection to the EL!


And now...brand new additions for Version 2.2


The ‘D’ button is back!

EL Menu now has its own D. or disable button to freeze the rhythm settings. This opens up a whole world of possibilities for your registrations. Now you can mix and match registrations with rhythms for any piece as you wish.


Double disk Setup and Menu Disk Sets have now become one file.

Instead of loading a setup disk track first and then putting in a menu disk, EL Menu will load the Menu and send the correct user voice and user rhythm information as well. No more disk swapping to enjoy your premium software collection.


Send a Menu page direct to the white preset buttons.

Tap the space bar and EL Menu instantly transfers the contents of the current Menu page to the white buttons between the keyboards. The PC display conveniently shows you which registration is which so you know what you’re going to get from each thumb preset.


Send complete MDR files to and from the EL directly with your PC.

Load your registration disks straight from your PC. They can be on existing floppy disks or from files copied to your PC. The entire contents of the MDR file are sent directly to the instrument as a 'bulk' message from your PC. Now you really can store everything on PC, give your floppy drive a rest and get rid of piles of floppy disks.

What is EL Menu?

EL Menu is a simple, convenient way to organise registrations on your PC.


It started life as a tool for creating special ‘Menu’ format disks. These were created by Yamaha to allow disks to be created where the names of registrations are displayed on the EL screen, making it easier to see what you are going to get when you are playing.


These were so popular that Bee Software created EL Menu in 2000 as a straightforward way for EL owners to make their own special menu disks from their own registrations.


With the release of version 2 it has been transformed into an amazing way to streamline your enjoyment of your registration library.

What's New?


In one word, ‘MIDI’. This means that the program now has a direct connection to the Electone using a standard MIDI interface. The impact of this is very significant because registrations can move in and out of the EL without the need for disks. This massively reduces the wear and tear on your disk drive and makes it easier to find what you’re looking for amongst your registrations… as well as making it easier to keep your music playing area tidy!


When you load a Menu file into the program, you can click on the PC screen and EL Menu changes the registration on the EL instantly. This means that you can get to all your Menu registrations without swapping disks. This is a lot quicker and saves wear and tear on the floppy drive. You could even do away with swapping disks all together by storing all your registrations on the PC.


Not only does the program send registrations it also fetches them from the EL as well. With one click EL Menu takes a snapshot of the current settings on the EL panel and stores them in a slot on the Menu. This means that you can use your PC to store your own registrations.


EL Menu works with any standard MIDI interface. If you haven’t already got a MIDI connection for your EL we can supply a USB interface which has integrated cables.


Key Features

  • Simple to use.

  • MIDI connection for instant transfer of registrations to and from the program.

  • PC Keyboard recall of registrations.

  • Take a snapshot of EL Panel with one click on store it on your PC.

  • Works with any standard Windows MIDI interface.

  • Send complete MDR files to and from the EL with your PC via the MIDI connection.

  • Send current menu page to the white preset buttons.

  • Disable button to freeze rhythm settings.

  • Combined Setup and Menu disk files for one-click loading of premium Setup and Menu disk registration software.

  • Familiar controls for MDR track selection.

  • Instant loading of your registrations from floppy disk or hard disk.

  • 'Quick Load' function to load straight from floppy disks.

  • Graphical Menu display imitating the appearance of the Menu on the EL display.

  • Graphical Registration button (white button) display with MIDI transfer.

  • Transfer the registrations into the Menu by simply dragging and dropping them on the Menu display.

  • Automatic Naming (can be switched off) that reflects the origin of the registration e.g. 'Trk1Reg1'.

  • One-click Menu disk creation to a floppy disk.

  • Store your Menu files on hard disk - create Menu disks only when you need them.

  • Quick loading of Menu disks from floppy disk.

  • Model selection sets the program automatically for your particular EL model.

  • Copy and paste registrations or complete pages between different Menus or within the same Menu.

  • Step by step instructions. Online help and support.

  • All the advantages of storing your registrations in Menu disk format either on floppy disk, for portability, or on your PC for speed and convenience.

  • Registration Names - so that you can see what sound will be produced

  • Page Names - so you can label the type of registrations in a page or the title of the piece of music for which they are intended. 

  • 80 registrations are available at once (instead of 8 or 16)

  • 16 registrations are visible at once.

  • Choose the number of pages you want (up to 5)

  • Instant loading - just put the disk in and the registrations appear (no need to choose a track and press play).

  • Assemble arrangements quickly from your favourite sounds by saving the Menu registrations to the white registration buttons in the order they appear in your piece.

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