The King of Instruments for your EL Electone.Centuries of tradition have been distilled into this premium product—from pure solo stops to majestic ensembles you'll feel like you are in a huge cathedral.

Classical Organ Showcase (EL)

  • For EL70, EL90, ELX-1, EL500/700/900 Bee Software has created 16 brand new user voices recreating the most important and characteristic pipe organ stops. These have been arranged into 64 fabulous registrations - put directly at your fingertips by the convenient menu disk format. Page 1 is dedicated to Hymns and Chorales, providing really useful registrations perfect for church music. Page 2 provides a beautiful array of solo stops for melodic playing which is suitable for many styles of music. Page 3 is for showpiece organ works and voluntaries - great for Bach or Widor. Page 4 showcases each of the 16 brand new user voices created using Bee Software's very own EL Edit.