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The EL900 has a selection of VA Voices that are pre-set. These
are divided into four categories: VA Acoustic, VA Virtual, VA
Electronic, and VA Custom. A button for each of the sections
appears on the panel. Each of the voices that can be selected
produces a different virtual instrument sound. Some of the
sounds are very good at imitating real acoustic instruments (VA
Acoustic) and others produce sounds of instruments that don't
exist in the real world (VA Virtual).


The VA Custom button gives you a choice of 6 voices labelled
'Custom 1' through to 'Custom 6'. In the pre-set state these
8 voices contain very strange sound effect type noises that most
people would find difficult to find a home for in their own music.

It was assumed that these could not be replaced with other
sounds but Bee Software has managed to find a way. So now
these 6 Custom voice slots can be filled with useful and effective
VA instrument sounds that give you brand new choices and a
much wider palette of sounds to explore this wonderful new
sound technology.


With VA Custom Voice Disk you actually get 2 disks.
Disk 1 - This disk contains demonstrations and registrations to show off
each of the new voices in the set.
Disk 2 - This is the voice disk which allows you to transfer the new voices
into the EL900.

VA Custom Voice Disk Set

  • The downloaded file is a zip file containing two folder and a User Guide in pdf format. To use the software, copy the contents of the folders onto two seperate floppy disks.

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