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Breaking new ground for EL owners!A breakthrough for the EL range. There is no facility on the instrument to split the keyboard so that you can play two different sounds from different parts of the same keyboard as with a lot of other keyboard instruments. Split Keyboard Disks give the user the opportunity to do exactly that.

Split Keyboard Version 2

  • This best-selling software package gives you a completely new facility on your EL. Until now 'Split Keyboards' have only been available on more recent models. Now you can have them on your EL. Split Keyboard simply means that you can play two different sounds separately from either side of the same keyboard. For example, you can have trumpet sounds on the left side of the lower keyboard and piano on the right. This gives you the opportunity to add rapid changes of sound without having to change registration. Just move your hand to a different part of the keyboard and play. Soon you will be creating registrations and arrangements that you never dreamed possible before! Split Keyboard + has been upgraded to version 2. Along with a 24 -page user guide you get 6 floppy disks. Each one has a different function. There are two disks devoted to giving you example registrations to help you get started and the others are for creating the Split Keyboard settings yourself. The two registration disks are a registration Setup and Menu disk set which makes them easy to use. They are also specially designed to enable you to add the registrations to your own settings. A list of the registrations appears below - each of them features a split keyboard setting on either or both of the keyboards. Disks 3, 4 and 5 are used to make up your own Split Keyboard registrations. Disk 3 contains 88 'split-ready' voices arranged in the same order as the voices would appear on the EL90. These are copied individually to the organ. At the same time, you can set which part of the keyboard is to play the voice by using the 'below' (disk 4) or 'above' (disk 5) disks. This allows you to set the split point anywhere on the keyboard for enhanced versatility. Once in the organ, the voices are used to create registrations that can then be stored to disk. The user guide takes you through the whole process in detail so that everyone can have a go, not just the technically minded.
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