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Breaking new ground for EL owners!A breakthrough for the EL range. There is no facility on the instrument to split the keyboard so that you can play two different sounds from different parts of the same keyboard as with a lot of other keyboard instruments. Split Keyboard Disks give the user the opportunity to do exactly that.

Split Keyboard for EL70

  • Until now 'Split Keyboards' have only been available on more recent models. Now you can have them on your EL. Split Keyboard simply means that you can play two different sounds separately from either side of the same keyboard. For example, you can have trumpet sounds on the left side of the lower keyboard and piano on the right. This gives you the opportunity to add rapid changes of sound without having to change registration. Just move your hand to a different part of the keyboard and play. Soon you will be creating registrations and arrangements that you never dreamed possible before! Because of the difference in the voice structure between EL70 and other higher models the combined user voices of Split Keyboard+ Version 2 are not possible. Split Keyboard EL70 is a single-disk set. There are 64 voices, each with one sound above or below a fixed split point with a blank on the other. This disk allows you to mix and match which sounds you want to create the split keyboard effect: using two different voices in two voice sections (e.g. Upper Keyboard Voice 1 with Piano and Upper Keyboard Voice 2 with Trumpet).
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