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From gritty jazz organs to really smooth flutes, Real Drawbars recreates the sound of the original tonewheel and drawbar instruments. 

Real Drawbars (EL)

  • for EL70/90, ELX-1, EL700/900 (not compatible with the EL500) There are 80 registrations simulating some of the famous brand names of the organ world. Here are the first 32 to give an idea of the cross section of organ styles. Registration List Page 1 - Real Drawbars Old Drawbar Sweet 16' & 1' Bossanova Mood AOC Magic Full Swing Samba Flutes Cha Cha Organ Mr Bee & Trombone Mr Bee & Band Class Jazz Jazzy Waltz Bright Pop Swing Percussion Rapid Jazz Rich Ballad Percussive Pop Page 2 70s Beat Polka Organ Rainy Day Voxy Organ Synth Organ Gospel Solo Thin Bossanova Full Chorus Latin & Brass Avec Flute Brassy Organ Light Jazz Real Slow Easy Swing Raggy Waltz Reedy Ballad Page 3 Funky Electric Wobbly Hammond Sweet Organ Dirty Organ 60s Organ Perky Pop Squeak Organ Happy Organ Fast Swing Chapel Organ Mr. Cool Reedy Organ Stringy Thing More Funky Sad Organ Mr. Micky Page 4 Soothing Ballad Organ Ballad Bright Latin Rough Tabs Happy Tibia Ooh Jazz Back Street Dixie Novelty Percussive Ballad Church Organ German Pop Soft Attack Scatt Mix Bounce Beat 80s Bossanova Dixie Squeak Page 5 Rich Swing Jazz Waltz Cha Cha Pop Samba Sound Soft 16bt. Glock Perc. Slow Ballad Sweet Drawbar Happy Swing Rock & Roll Rhumba Pop Bright Bossanova Chorus Swing Silky Ballad Percussive Drawbar Full Bounce
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