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The sound of the great Pops orchestras - from Mantovani to the Boston Pops and beyond. 

Pops Orchestral (EL)

  • For EL70/90, ELX-1, EL500/700/900 There are 64 registrations split into four pages. Each page is gives a selection of 16 registration settings covering a particular style of orchestral music – Standard Ballad, Modern Ballad, Showtunes, and Mixture. As with Big Band Showcase, each registration has a different rhythm associated with it that stays in the same style and tempo to create an interesting rhythm accompaniment without sequencing. Registration List Page 1 - POPS ORCHESTRAL - Standard Ballad Wide Strings Octave Strings Soft Woodwind Mellow Brass Flute Solo Oboe Solo Violin Sweet Trumpet Soft Harp & Strings Glock. & Strings Hard Woodwind Bright Brass Flute & Strings Soft Orchestra Rich Orchestra Big Finish Page 2 - POPS ORCHESTRAL - Modern Ballad Lush Strings Strings & Woodwind Oboe & Strings Strings & Brass Sax Solo Oboe Solo English Horn Trumpet Solo Strings & Choir Strings & Harp High Woodwind Elec. Piano & Pan Flute Sax & Choir Elec. Piano & Strings I Elec. Piano & Strings II Tutti & Timpani Roll Page 3 - POPS ORCHESTRAL – Showtunes Quick Strings Strings & Flute Xylo. & Woodwind Big Horn Sax & Orchestra Trombone & Strings Clarinet Solo Trumpet Solo Strings with MOC Glock. Flute & Strings Wwind, Strings & Harp Bright Trumpets Pizzicato & Woodwind Muted Trumpets All & Xylo Ta-Da Ending Page 4 - POPS ORCHESTRAL – Mixture 1492 Ooh 1492 Aah 1492 Tune Vocal Solo Piccolo & Bassoon Woodwind & Tremolo Strings Beach Piano (Wave effect) Atmospheric Orchestra Piano Concerto Distortion Guitar Gentle Guitar Piccolo & Brass Mandolin Orchestra Beach Sax (Wave effect) Pipe Organ & Orchestra Piano Octaves
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