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All the control of a drawbar-style organ. Use the volume controls you can blend and shape the drawbar sounds as you play. 

Live Flutes

  • for EL70, EL90, ELX-1, EL500/700/900 The idea for this product came about because of the EL500 and a package that I produced for Yamaha prior to its release. As you may know, the EL500 is rather unusual (in the UK) for being made without Flute Drawbars. Because it was felt that this might put people off the instrument I came up with an idea that would still allow the instrument to be used as a drawbar organ. The package comes in the form of a two-disk Registration Menu and Setup set. The setup disk loads in the special voices to create the organ sounds and the menu disk displays the choice of 32 registrations on the central display screen.
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