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A comprehensive collection of professional rhythms ready to play -  instantly

Instant Rhythms Library (EL)

  • For EL60, EL70, EL90, ELX-1, EL500/700/900 If you've come across our Instant Rhythms before then you'll know how they are a great way of adding professional rhythm patterns to your music with no fuss. Instant Rhythms Library takes the best of Instant Rhythms volumes 1 and 2 and adds 32 brand new rhythms to create a comprehensive library of 69 great sounding rhythms. ‘Instant Rhythms’ software was exclusively developed by Bee Software in order to make it easier to add new rhythms to your playing. The biggest problem with normal registration disks containing User Rhythms is that when you want to load a new set of rhythms, the registrations and everything else in the instrument changes as well. This makes it very difficult to mix and match rhythms with your favourite registrations. Instant Rhythms solves this problem by using sophisticated programming to create tracks on the disk drive that change only the user rhythm patterns. This leaves all the other settings in the Electone intact and makes it possible to use great new rhythms with any of your existing registrations just by selecting the appropriate track on the disk drive. For example you may have a great Big Band registration that you want to enhance with a better swing rhythm. Instead of having to make a new rhythm from scratch you can select one from a Bee Software Instant Rhythm disk. Just press play on the disk drive and the new rhythm is loaded into the instrument, ready to play – without affecting the registrations or voices. This means that you can keep your musical flow going without having to get tangled up with programming and pressing lots of buttons. The collection also makes great use of the built-in auto accompaniment features. It is amazing how a dynamic rhythm pattern can breathe new life into the standard patterns.
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