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The legendary sound - now for your EL.

Euro Pop Organ Showcase (EL)

  • For EL70, EL90, ELX-1, EL700/900 After tens of millions of record sales worldwide it is obvious that European artists such as Klaus Wunderlich created a style and sound that has stood the test of time. For the first time ever EL owners can recreate this fabulous sound using brand new registration software from Bee Software. 'Euro Pop Organ Showcase' brings you the sound of the seventies on your EL Electone. Using carefully edited User Voices this software aims to recreate registrations from the classic Wersi Helios organ favoured by Klaus Wunderlich for some of his most memorable and successful recordings. The Helios had a unique sound. One reason is that, unlike other organs which have 9 drawbars finishing with 1’, the Helios included 11 flute drawbars – adding 4/5’ and 2/3’ to the mix. There were also 11 matching percussive flute drawbars adding an extra brightness and a dynamic intensity to the possible flute registrations. This has proved hard to reproduce on anything other than a Wersi – until now! To recreate these important tone colours, since they are not part of the EL specification, this package brings you 16 brand new user voices which are seamlessly combined with the existing flute footages. These voices also include beautifully rich retro analogue string ensemble sounds, smooth brass and clarinet tab voices that effectively capture the character of this incredible instrument, along with a characteristic ‘tap’ bass guitar.
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