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The ever-popular sounds of the Big Bands.

Big Band Showcase (EL)

  • For EL70/90, ELX-1, EL500/700/900 There are 64 registrations that are split into four pages. The first three pages each give a selection of 16 registrations to use for a particular style of Big Band music allowing you to create instant arrangements using the software - Easy Swing, Quick Swing and Slow Ballad. The fourth page gives a wide mixture of different Big Band registration settings. Each of the registrations uses a suitable rhythm pattern that fit with the rest of the sound. This adds interesting and dynamic rhythms to the music without having to create a special rhythm sequence. In the lists below, registrations on different pages with the same name are not the same - each is tailored for the particular style and rhythm. Page 1 - BIG BAND SHOWCASE - Easy Swing Saxes Unison mp Saxes Unision f Saxes Chord mp Saxes Chord mf Trumpet Solo Trombone Solo Tenor Sax Solo Alto Sax Solo Trombones Unison Trombone Section Trumpets Unison Trumpet Section Trumpets Muted Mellow Tutti Bright Tutti Piano on Lower Page 2 - BIG BAND SHOWCASE - Quick Swing Saxes Unison f Saxes Chord f Trumpets Unison Trumpet Section Trumpet Solo Trombone Solo Tenor Sax Solo Alto Sax Solo Bright Trombones Trumpets and Trombones Bright Trumpets Full Brass Saxes & Brass Stabs Full Band Band Unison Piano on Lower Page 3 - BIG BAND SHOWCASE – Ballad Saxes Unison p Saxes Unison mp Saxes Chord p Saxes Chord mp Trumpet Solo Trombone Solo Tenor Sax Solo Alto Sax Solo Soft Trombones Trombone Section Trumpets Unison p Trumpet Section All Mutes Mellow Tutti Medium Tutti Piano on Lower Page 4 - BIG BAND SHOWCASE – Mixture Saxes, Trombone and Flute Vibes & Flute Soprano Sax Solo Mute Trumpets Mute Trumpet & Flute Tenor Sax & Mutes Ultra Bright Be-Bop Saxes Saxes with Auto Acc. Miller Mood Trumpets with Auto Acc. Trombone with Auto Acc. Miller Mood with Auto Acc. Tenor Sax with Auto Acc. Piano with Auto Acc. Tutti with Auto Acc.
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