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A compilation of your favourite Jazz and Big Band settings. Includes new voices and rhythms and a special Jazz Organ selection.

Big Band & Jazz Special

  • for EL90, ELX-1, EL500/700/900 Page 1 - Big Band & Jazz Special - Big Band Octave Saxes Bright Trumpets Solo Alto Sax Full Band Close Saxes Trumpet Section Solo Trumpet Octave Brass Puffy Saxes Muted Brass Solo Tenor Sax Soft Band Moonlight Flute & Vibe 60s Mutes Everybody Page 2 - Big Band & Jazz Special - Solo Spotlight Real Oldie Percussive Blues Jazz Waltz Jazz Violin Near Guitar Mellow Trombone Trad Trombone Bossanova Flute Beat Drawbars Wild X77 M.O.C Man Wide Vibes Funky Harmonica Block Chord Trad Clarinet Bossanova Guitar
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